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Mr. Zhaozhang Wang, with a nickname of Ye-Ye Wang, is from the city of Tainan in Taiwan. He is a scholar of "Zhou Yi" as well as a researcher and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. Mr. Wang is the founder of Wang's Chinese Medicine and its external treatment system.

Respected the concept of “Harmony between the heaven and human” and focusing on the connection between human and the environment and nature, Mr. Wang devoted decades of his energy and efforts to study "Yi Ching", the theory of the Five Elements and Eight Diagrams in Chinese medicine, as well as those in the Western medicine and physics. As a result, he was able to integrate the theories all of the above and conduct cross-disciplinary research and practice and formed his own theoretical and practical system of Chinese medicine.

Instead of confining his practice to “matching one symptom for one disease,” he will make microscopic adjustments of the body based on his comprehensive understanding of the whole body system and the theory of the Five Elements and Eight Diagrams under the guidelines of the “Circular Movement Theory” of ancient Chinese medicine in order to bring about an optimal state of balance of the relationships of nurture and restriction among the various internal organs.

Following this theory of systemic treatment, Mr. Wang has created an unique external treatment system of acupuncture, massage and orthopedics. At the same time, he has also pioneered the research and development of spectral energy therapy and created a green, non-invasive and painless five-color therapy.

Based on the Eight Diagrams theory of the functions of the human body's navel area in the central axis and the Eight Diagrams theory for the whole body in the traditional Chinese medicine, Wang's five-color therapy makes smart use of the information energy of colors and the magnetic fields it generates, whether in the navel area or in other areas of the body, to yield the desired nurture and restriction in the hexagram positions respectively representing the various internal organs.