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User Guide

User Guide:

1.Fill out the Medical Inquiries Form

New patient should fill out this form online: Medical Inquiries Form. Please read carefully in the page and provide all the information required. After the form is submitted, one of the Chinese medicine professional will contact you to provide you the prescription. He/She will also guide you how to continue.

2. Know the Eight Trigrams of the abdomen

Color is energy and can be applied to our body under the guidance of the Eight Trigrams (八卦) theory and diagnosis used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Since each symbol of the Eight Trigrams represents one or two organs in our body, respective colors work on our body as medicine does. They work by generating, restricting, strengthening and neutralizing the organs’ energy, bringing the body into balance and health.

3. Get 5-Color therapy paint crayons or body kinesiology tape

Please Check "Shop Equipment" Page for more details:

4. Confirm position

When getting your 5-color Therapy prescription, generate the color pattern with Image Tool and apply the body paint crayons or body kinesiology tape on your abdomen or left palm.

For example, Prescription - AEF green BC white H black G yellow


Left Palm:

5. Feedback

Please provide feedback based on the time specified in the prescription by updating the inquiry sheet.
The doctor will provide a new prescription based on your feedback.


1) Do not keep the tape or paint on your skin for more than 8-10 hours to avoid possible skin allergies.
2) Women should not use 5-color therapy during menstruation and pregnancy.
3) Please provide your feedback on time so that the prescription can be adjusted accordingly.
4) Take a one-day break after using the prescription for six continuous days.
5) If any individual piece of tape falls off, remove the remaining pieces at once.
6) Remove the tape or paint at any time if you experience discomfort or feel significant changes.