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Pain relief

Sunday, March 24, 2019
F. R.

I've been seeing Dr Yan for several weeks for my many ailments , I recently had hip replacement and a dislocation of the new hip few weeks after surgery, but I also have been suffering with pain in my right shoulder, bilateral knee pain, back pain and my other hip which I'm trying to avoid surgery. The acupuncture has been a work in progress , slowly but surely I'm needing my pain meds less and less , I recently took a trip which meant I wouldn't be able to have my treatments with Dr Yan so she suggested color therapy, as you can imagine I was skeptical, but I was willing to try anything because of my pain and discomfort , I contacted her daily as to how I was feeling and she gave patterns to follow.

I can tell you from my experience I would definitely recommend color therapy to anyone suffering from pain, she addressed all my issues from jet lag, bloating and swelling from traveling to the onset of the pain I felt daily. I can't thank her enough!! I'm a firm believer in this treatment especially when unable to have my regular treatment with her, I look forward to someday being totally pain free and I believe she will get me there with both acupuncture and the color therapy when unable to see her.